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Epionce® Peels

An Epionce® Lite Refresh Peel will unleash your skin's potential to the fullest leaving it healthier, refreshed, and glowing! Epionce®  is a brand that has been developed based on 20 years of clinical research, science, and botanical ingredients.


This peel is perfect for almost every skin concern from acne, congestion, post acne discoloration, rosacea and redness as well as sensitive skin. The Epionce® Peel strengthens the skin barrier improving signs of aging and dullness


What is an Epionce® Peel?

The Epionce® Lite Refresh peel is formulated with salicylic acids and malic acid that boosts new skin cell production for a clearer and smoother skin from the first treatment. By establishing a better epidermal quality the Lite Refresh Peel can be used to reverse hyperpigmentation issues, soften the symptoms of mild acne and improve the appearance of fine lines. 


A chemical peel is an exfoliating treatment that in reality actually does not contain any chemicals but instead a blend of string active ingredients used to improve your skin's quality and reverse signs of aging.



A chemical peel works by promoting a clearer and brighter complexion and renewed epidermis. The epidermis is the surface layer of your skin, this is where spots, wrinkles and dullness can be seen. A  peel will effectively improve this revealing the new skin cells beneath.

Pre treatment + Aftercare

Correct pre and post care is essential for optimal results. Prior to any treatment you will need to book a consultation and a patch test.


All peels can be customized in terms of strength depending on your skins response. In the consultation we will create a treatment plan for you including aftercare products recommended.

Our Lite Peel requires no prepping and is a mild treatment even suitable for sensitive skin. You will notice an instant effect in your overall skin health and complexion following the peel.  Following the peel we will recommend what products you should use to maintain and improve results and you are advised to wear SPF 30+ following treatment.