A superficial mesotherapy treatment with over 50 active ingredients which help prevent, slow and correct the signs of ageing. This treatment can be used around the eye area to reduce dark circles & fine lines, & also on the neck to reduce fine lines.

The procedure

How does BeautifFEYE benefit the skin?

This skin rejuvenation protocol combines in-clinic treatment with cosmetic skin perfusion at home.

The skin around the eyes is particularly fine and fragile. We blink up to 15,000 times per day, laugh and squint in the sun thus fine lines can form quickly. Slower circulation in this area accentuates dark circles and puffiness. The BeautifEye protocol specifically targets this difficult to treat the area. Focusing on maximizing hydration and improving overall skin quality we can help to reveal and restore your eye contours' natural radiance.  

After treatment

Your undereye area will have multiple tiny papules underneath that lasts for up to 24 hours ( 48 in some) 

Improves skin texture
Corrects fine lines
Improves density + elasticity
Restore radiance to eye contour area
Reduce dark circles

Step 1

We will start by applying the BRIGHT PEEL by Laboratories Fillmed that will target uneven skin and pigmentation disorders around the eye. Specially formulated for sensitive skin.